Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Disappointed In New TMX Elmo

Hoboken, NJ--It's not all giggles when it comes to the new extreme Tickle Me Elmo doll.

One local man reported that his daughter was less than pleased with the new toy, released for the doll's 10th anniversary.

"I got her a Tickle Me Elmo when the doll first came out," said the man, who has requested anonymity. "Had to fight for it, too. I beat up two old ladies and a toddler to get it for her. I ended up spending six months in jail, but it was worth it to see her face on Christmas in the picture my wife showed me during one of her visits."

Having since divorced his wife, he had hoped the doll would help reconcile him with his daughter, with whom he now hardly speaks.

The new version of the doll, whose features have been kept secret until its release date, laughs progressively harder the more you tickle it, even rolling around and pounding on the ground with its hand in its final phase.

But his daughter was less than impressed.

"Doesn't he know me at all? I'm fourteen now! This is so stupid."

The father feels it is Mattel, not him, that is out of touch. "I saw that X in the name, and I thought, yeah, this will be hardcore. Ten years later, this is the big kid version, you know? Like, Elmo's not going to take your crap any more."

Mattel could not be reached for comment, since we don't know their phone number.


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