Friday, September 22, 2006

Increase Your MPL (Miles Per Latte)

With Starbuckers now facing the same type of price inflation that has hit gasoline, we thought you might be able to use a little advice on how to get the most from your mocha, to capitalize on your cappuccino, and, of course, to best leverage your latte.

Don't Fidget A tremendous amount of caffeine goes into helping us fidget. By putting your hands in your pockets or folding your arms, that energy can be conserved for other purposes.

Don't Nod and Point--Just Nod When greeting co-workers from a distance, it's redundant to both nod at them and point at them. Conserve the energy of the high-movement pointing and stick with the less strenuous nod.

Blink Less We read somewhere that humans blink an average of something like 7,000 times a minute. Ease up on that.


Blogger Jarrod said...

Have you seen the new warning they're printing on the cups at Starbucks? Now the cups say, "Careful, the beverage you're about to enjoy is overpriced."

11:07 PM  

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