Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Pete Rose Never Gambled On Baseball

Hey everyone. Nostradamus here. I just wanted to set the record straight about Pete Rose and these baseballs he signed that say "I'm sorry I bet on baseball." People think this goes against all those years Pete was saying over and over that he never gambled on baseball. But it doesn't. It's all in the phrasing. He's sorry he bet on baseball. Because, yes, Pete did place bets on baseball games. But he never gambled on baseball. "Gambling" implies that there is risk involved because the outcome of each game is not known in advance.

Well now. Do you really think Pete Rose would put all of that money out on the line if he thought there was a chance he might actually lose it? Of course not! He knew ahead of time which team would win each game--but not because he was somehow fixing the games. He was getting the information from me, of course! He took my predictions all the way to the bank--for a small 10% commission. Hey, I gotta feed my family too.


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