Thursday, October 12, 2006

Vote NO On Proposition W458

Ann Coulter and Michael Moore, the authors of Proposition W458, don't want you to know the truth. Here's what they don't tell you:

The campaign to pass Proposition W458 is financially backed by Oil Companies Against Clean Otters (OCACO). Read the fine print. If passed, this proposition will coat all sea life in a minimum of two inches of petroleum-based sludge (more along Canada's coasts, due to the exchange rate). Also note that this group's acronym, OCACO, is a palindrome. And we all know what happens when you listen to someone whose name is a palindrome (Eve). These Palindromic Proliferators of Evil are currently testing nuclear weapons in North Korea. What's next? Testing nuclear weapons in North Carolina? Yes, most likely in Charlotte. That's right, they'll be setting off nuclear bombs inside of a cute, talking spider. What's next? Setting off nuclear bombs inside of cute, talking babies, that's what. Your baby. That's right. What, you didn't know your baby could talk? You bet your baby can talk. And do you know what your baby's saying? Your baby's saying, "Please Mommy and Daddy! I never did anything bad to you! I'm sorry for whatever it is that I did to make you hate me! I love you! Please don't let oil companies detonate nuclear devices inside of me! That will hurt and make me cry! Vote NO on Proposition W458!"

Proposition W458. Wrong for you. Wrong for your baby. Wrong for the state or country you live in.

On this and all subsequent election days, vote for your baby's life. Vote NO on Proposition W458.

This message paid for by people who are wonderful and have no special interests or ulterior motives. Really. Trust us.


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