Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Woman Accidentally Loves Coworker

A woman in California suffered extreme embarrassment today when she inadvertently signed a brief e-mail to a coworker with an inappropriately affectionate closing. This blog has obtained a copy of the e-mail, which is reprinted here:


Thanks for the heads-up on the 3:00 meeting with Finance. You are a life-saver!



The woman in question, Michelle Robbins, reportedly had been answering several personal e-mails from people such as her husband, mother, and best friend from college immediately prior to responding to Tim's e-mail. According to one report, Robbins claims she intended to sign the work-related e-mail with a simple "--Michelle" or "~Michelle" (or possibly, as another source suggests, "Thanks, Michelle"). She apparently had a mental lapse and absentmindedly signed the e-mail in the same manner as she had the previous ones.

One unnamed source reports Robbins was extremely embarrassed by the situation but was not sure how to address it. "Michelle doesn't want to admit to spending a bunch of time writing personal e-mails while at work," said the source. "But she also doesn't want Tim to get any wrong ideas. She really is a happily married woman--this wasn't a Freudian thing. She just forgot who she was writing to for a second."

Robbins is reportedly leaning toward sending an e-mail to the entire company regarding an upcoming holiday party and signing the message with "Love, Michelle" to let Tim know that she "loves" everyone at the company, not only him.


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