Thursday, December 07, 2006


Hey folks, Nostradamus here. I normally post my prophecies on this blog for all to see. But today I have a very special post for a very special lady. Her name is Jennifer Aniston.

Jen, I've been hearing rumors lately on Entertainment Tonight and Extra. Rumors that you and Vince Vaughn have broken up. I know you've been denying it, but. . .

Jennifer, I wrote the following quatrain for you in the year 1557 and I feel it's time to share it with you now.

I'm hungrier for you than a hippopotamus;
My love must not remain anonymous;
I reject the foisting of Vince Vaughn upon us;
How do you like the sound of Jennifer Nostradamus?

Jen, we'd be perfect together. I can see it now. No, I mean I can really see it now. The media could refer to us as "Nostraniston." Or "Jennostfer." We could have babies and not let people see them. Or we could adopt some babies from Africa and make sure everyone sees them.

Let me know!


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