Sunday, January 07, 2007


Ha ha! Today I hack Blogger!

Being astutely observant, I've noticed the way Blogger names a page based on the title of the corresponding post. For example, a post named "Really Funny Post" would result in a page named really-funny-post.html. But Blogger leaves out the word "the" when it creates the title of the page. So, a post named "This Is The Best Post Ever" would result in a page named this-is-best-post-ever.html. This made me wonder what would happen if the post was just named "The." Blogger should leave out the "The" and just call the file .html. But that's not a valid filename for a website is it? Will be swallowed into a black hole? Will the universe come to an end?

Probably both!


Blogger Jarrod said...

Hmm. It seems Blogger just named the page blog-post.html. How boring.

6:35 PM  

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