Monday, January 29, 2007

Hubble's Gots Battery Troubles

Yup. You read that right.

Those eggheads at NASA figured out another way to screw up the biggest project they got goin'. This time they let the batteries die on their big telescope.

Now I feel a trifle bad for those boys at NASA. Heaven knows I wouldn't want half the world hearing about what things I done with my tools every time somethin' or other goes wrong with 'em. But things go wrong on this thing--and it seems they always do--it's all over every paper on the planet.

Quite frankly, I think people should be a trifle wiser about what they say about the government agency that has a great big cameras and telescopes up in the sky. Especially if you might be growing things in your back 40 you wouldn't want the government agencies that don't have the cameras to know about.

I mean seriously, you've seen the Hubble photos, right? There's like what, six of them? The government launched that thing up there, shot off a couple quick picks of deep space to make the folks at Omni magazine happy, and then they whirled that bird around and pointed it right back at us.

So I say, power to you NASA! Love you boys, and love everything you're doing.

And that patch back there on the back 40 is just ivy. Boring, uninteresting ivy.



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