Saturday, March 03, 2007

David Blaine Doing "Lots of Stuff," Just Not On TV

A representative for David Blaine held a press conference this week and did not announce any upcoming stunts, but did outline a number of feats the performer has performed at home in his spare time.

"Oh, he's doing lots of stuff," said the spokesman. "Like this one time, when he hadn't paid his gas bill, he ate a whole box of Van DeKamp's Fried Fish Fillets straight out of the freezer."

He also reportedly has found new uses for his powers of disipline, which in the past have helped him stay in a block of ice or stand on a pole for several days.

"A couple weeks ago, he sat through the entire Green Acres marathon on TV Land. Mr. Haney makes David almost crack a smile."

David also reportedly, "waited in this one really long line at Hollywood video. I don't mean just regular long, I mean really long. There was only this one girl helping customers, and she must have been new or something because she kept having to find somebody to help her with stuff, but everybody else was back in that little room in the corner doing who knows what.

"I think he even sat all the way through a couple of infomercials. Nobody else sits through those things, do they?"


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