Thursday, May 17, 2007

New Rasmussen Poll: Bush 4th Level Demon, Pelosi Secret Taliban Spi

Democrats surveyed think George W. Bush is actually a:

4th Level Demon: 48%
Evil Robot That Runs On Oil And Emits CFCs: 21%
Sex Offender in Hiding: 10%
Reincarnation of a Mongol Conqueror: 6%

Republicans surveyed think Nancy Pelosi is actually a:

Secret Taliban Spy: 52%
Chupacabra: 27%
Undersea Creature from the Amazon: 16%
Bad Guy From The A-Team TV Show: 8%

In the same survey, both sides cited "engaging in more civilized discourse" as the one thing the other side could do to improve the country's political climate.


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