Saturday, May 26, 2007

Tips for Playing Poker With Friends

Playing high stakes poker with your friends? Looking for some tips to win big at poker in the privacy of your own home? Here are some helpful tips and strategy for how to do well with your buddies.

1. Bluffing is difficult when your opponents know when you're bluffing. Most card experts teach that your decision about when to bluff should be totally random, and not at all based on what cards you have. They say the player should use some random event, such as the position of the second hand of a clock or the color of his hidden cards to decide whether to bluff. This, they said, would insure you fooled your opponents.

They told us this right after they looked at their watch.

2. At some point, ring in a pinochle deck. A Pinochle deck is nothing but the high cards, 10 through the ace, repeated through the whole deck. Your friends won't know this--nobody knows the rules for pinochle, let alone that the deck is weird.

Your friends will be super excited with their hands, and then suspect the worst in each other when they see everybody else's hands are just as good--that some of them even have the same cards.

When the fight starts, it's completely your choice whether you stick around and watch it or take the money off the table and run while everybody beats the stuffing out of each other.

3. Actually, forget pinochle. Nobody even remembers all the rules for poker. Does a straight beat a flush? Is a four of a kind higher or lower than a full house? Who the heck knows?

Don't bother pocketing extra aces. Instead, pocket extra rules cards. Just have one for each kind of hand, and pull it out when you need it. Nobody argues with rules cards.


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