Saturday, June 30, 2007

Google Outsources Search To India

Google has replaced its massive search engine with a call center in India, it was reported Friday. The call center is staffed by 1,000 employees who each have a laptop.

"Your search query is very important to us," explained one call center employee. "When you click on the 'Google Search' button, your query is processed in the order in which it was received."

As usual in cases of large-scale outsourcing, Google's motives are purely economic ones.

"It costs a lot of money to keep our network and all of those servers running," said a Google employee, or "Googler," familiar with the situation. "Not to mention our electric bills. Those are through the roof. This new outsourced solution is going to save us a lot of cash."

The Googler maintained that the high quality of search results that Google is known for will not be affected by the outsourcing.

"Our people in India are really good with a web browser. Just give 'em something to search for--they're going to find it. We'll have them doing most of the searches on AltaVista or Lycos. Those engines are usually pretty good for finding stuff. For the tougher searches, they'll use Yahoo! or"

To help ease the transition for users of Google's search facility, the call center's Indian employees will assume American-sounding names such as Bobby, Phillip, Margaret, or Sally.

"Even though you won't actually be talking to them on the phone in most cases, we thought it would make users more comfortable if their search queries were being handled by people with familiar-sounding names," said the Googler. "In the event that your search does not match any documents, a toll-free phone number will be displayed that you can call which will go directly to the Google Search Technician, or GST, who performed the query on your behalf. You will then be able to discuss with your GST various options you have for modifying your query to obtain better results."

The "I'm Feeling Lucky" button will be serviced by a separate call center in Omaha, Nebraska.


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