Sunday, June 24, 2007

Hip Hop Harry Shot To Death

The hip-hop community is in mourning today, as beloved icon Hip Hop Harry was fatally shot while driving home from the market.

Known for his daily broadcasts from Hip Hop Central, Harry's dope rhymes and fly beats were laid down in the homes--and hearts--of children across America. But despite the child-friendly nature of his program, friends say his involvement in the music community must have led to his demise.

"He just got too caught up in the whole scene, you know?" said long time friend R & B Ronnie.

"He always did love to learn," said Ronnie emotionally. "I guess he had to learn the hard way in the end."

Actual details surrounding the death are sparse, as witnesses are being tight-lipped in response to requests from investigators.

"I think he'd have wanted us to cooperate with the authorities," said one witness. "He was polite like that. He'd have laid down a beat about it. Cooperation with the investigation. Something like that."

Memorial services will be announced.



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