Monday, June 25, 2007

Rosie's Price Is Right Screen Test Goes Poorly

Rosie O'Donnell will not be taking over hosting duties for The Price Is Right, it was announced Monday after a disastrous test show during which the auditioning O'Donnell continuously fought with contestants.

"She just kept arguing with them about the prices of the items," said one production assistant.

The following excerpt from the transcript of the test show reveals O'Donnell's constant bickering with the players:

O'DONNELL: Okay, is the price of the canned tuna higher or lower than 59 cents?

CONTESTANT: Um, higher?

O'DONNELL: No it's not! It's lower! Why would you say it's higher?! Why would you say that?! Why?!

PRODUCER: Uh, Rosie, she's right. It's higher.

O'DONNELL: No it's not! You're both wrong! It's lower! Why would you say it's higher?! Tell me why! Why would you do that?!

Following Rosie's rough audition, producers of the popular game show now plan to speak to Paris Hilton after she gets out of jail on Tuesday about possibly having her take over as host. Preliminary plans include changing the show's name to The Price Is Hot.



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