Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ten Second Interview Of The Week: Sopranos Creator David Chase

Our guest for today's Ten Second Interview is none other than the creator of The Sopranos, David Chase.

US: Mr. Chase, there's been much speculation that the abrupt and prolonged cut to black at the end of the final episode of The Sopranos is meant to indicate that Tony has been killed. This interpretation seems even more likely to be accurate now that it is being reported that you had originally intended the cut to black to last for a full thirty seconds before the credits started to roll, but were talked out of that by HBO executives and settled for just a ten-second cut-to-black. Can you tell us once and for all what you were trying to convey to the audience with your editing of the final scene?

CHASE: Okay, first of all, it took you way longer than ten seconds to ask that question. Secondly, they misquoted me. I didn't say thirty. I said thirteen. And I didn't say seconds. I said hours. I wanted to go to a black screen for thirteen hours. And I wanted to cut that up into thirteen one-hour segments and sell it to HBO as an additional season of the show. That's what the HBO executives talked me out of.

US: Oh. Well, thanks, I guess.

CHASE: Maybe you guys should start doing "The Ten Second Cut-To-Black Of The Week" instead of these interviews.

US: Only if it will get everyone talking about it and saying we're geniuses for doing it.

CHASE: Worked for me.

US: We'll think about it.

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