Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Carl Kasell Snooping On Listeners' Home Answering Machines

In a shocking development for public radio network NPR, announcer Carl Kasell has been discovered to have been snooping on the phone messages of past winners of his radio game show.

The show, called "Wait Wait . . . Don't Tell Me!", has for years given winners of it's weekly news quiz the prize of personalized home answering machine messages by Kasell.

Recently, however, former winners began to notice their answering machine being called at odd hours and the incoming messages monitored.

"I gave him the code to my voice mail so he could record the outgoing message," said Stacy Wilson, who recently won for correctly guessing the ending of three North Korea inspired limericks. "It didn't occur to me that he'd ever want to use it again."

While Kasell himself won't speak with reporters, show host Peter Sagal has offered some insights.

"I think it started as a vanity thing," said Sagal. "He just wanted to hear how people reacted to hearing his voice on the answering machine. But it wasn't long before he got caught up in the real-life drama of these people's lives."


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