Friday, July 20, 2007

Edwards Moves Daylight Savings Time To Get Potter Book Early

Senator John Edwards has introduced a bill to move up Daylight Savings Time in a bid to get the new Harry Potter book sooner.

In a move reminiscent of his attempts to get WalMart to allow him to cut in line for a PlayStation 3, Edwards will be moving up daylight savings time by another six and a half hours, allowing him to pick up the book on his way home from work.

Staffers who wish to remain anonymous have been open about the reasons for the bill, although Edwards denies this is the reason for the change.

"It's an energy issue," said the Senator. "All these businesses having to keep all these lights on that late at night for all these Harry Potter fans--the showdown with Voldemort pales beside the coming showdown with global warming."

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