Friday, July 27, 2007

Marmaduke, Fred Basset Fans Disappointed In Comic-Con

Comic readers have expressed extreme displeasure with this weekend's Comic Con, voicing deep disappointment at the panels and selections featured.

One fan pointed at a giant statue of Spiderman. "That's where Dilbert should be," he said. "I mean, Scott Adams has like four gazillion times the distribution the daily Spiderman comic strip has."

They also expressed disappointment over the guests.

"I read the comics page every day, and the list of names here I recognize would be shorter than the inseam of the King from the Wizard of Id," said one fan. "I can't turn a corner without tripping over some no-name like Frank Miller or Grant Morrison. Seriously, I mean, Joss Who-den? Where's Allison Barrows? Where's Russell Myers?

"And the costumes these female fans are wearing!" he continued. "Where's Miss Buxley? Where's Boopsie? Where's Honi? For Dagwood's sake, where's Blondie?

"I don't remember seeing Princess Leia hanging out with Cathy and Mary Worth."

Others feel the focus on superheroes is a way to avoid the real controversies. "I wanted to sound off about the issues affecting comics in our day," said Tom Waters. "I mean seriously, where else can I talk about the decline in the subtlety of the artwork in Fred Basset since Micheal Martin took over for Alex Graham? Or who lost their mind faster--Charles Schultz or Lynn Johnson?"

"I was really hoping we'd finally get our announcement of a big budget Hagar the Horrible movie," said another fan. "After pirates, vikings would be the next logical step."

In the way of advice for the ComicCon committee next year, one fan had this to say: "I think next year, they shouldn't try to take things so far out of the box. Or the three, sequential panels. Or that one big Family Circle."


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