Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Next Harry Potter Movie to be Musical

Based on the success of Disney's High School Musical and the upcoming High School Musical 2, producers have decided to go the musical route with the latest installment of the Harry Potter movie franchise.

"Singing teenagers are really hot right now," said producer Chris Columbus. "And when you mix that kind of hot with Harry Potter hot, you got explosive, baby."

The film, now titled Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince: The Musical (And He's Still In High School!) will feature songs that are, in the words of one writer, "Not as completely derivative as you might think."

Some lyrics from the film have made their way to our staff, and we're happy to leak these spoilers onto the web here. Harry Potter spoiler warning ahead!

Quidditch will feature prominently in the new film, despite the lack of the sport in the Half-Blood Prince book. In this excerpt, Harry and friends psyche themselves up for a quidditch showdown:

Coach said to fake right
And break left
Watch out for the beaters
And keep an eye on the snitch

Gotta run the give and go
And take the balls to the holes
But don't be afraid
To take a bludger to the face

Just keep ya head in the game
Just keep ya head in the game

Here's an excerpt from another song, sung by Harry in the final confrontation with Snape:

It's hard to believe
Dumbledore couldn't see
That you were just a lying cheater

Thought you were his friend
But now that he's dead
We all know you're a Death Eater

I know you liked my mother
But you oughta know

She never knew someone as duplicitous as you
No one like you

Doo Doo DooDoo
Doo Doo DooDoo

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