Thursday, August 23, 2007

Child Fears Tooth Fairy May Be Missing or Injured

The great economic stimulus the fairy world has provided in exchange for children's teeth may have come to an abrupt end this week, as the Tooth Fairy has failed to show up in one home for two consecutive nights.

"She's never done this before," said Annika Jones. "This just isn't like her."

Annika, age 7, of Biloxi, MI reports that despite carefully placing the tooth in the pocket of her "Tooth Fairy Pillow" and placing it under her pillow like she always does, the tooth fairy has, thus far, been a no-show.

"And it was one of those big back teeth," said Annika. "One of the biggest one's I've ever lost."

Her parents have tried to calm her fears, as well as the fears of a nation of children troubled by this development. "The Tooth Fairy may just have been forgetful this week," said her father. "Or tired. Or both. I'm sure it won't happen a third night."

The parents of other children in the neighborhood have offered to help in any way they can. "If they maybe need someone to call them up, maybe after Annika's bedtime, maybe we can 'check the status' of the situation," said another parent.

The office of the Tooth Fairy could not be reached for comment.


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