Saturday, August 18, 2007

New J. J. Abrams Movie To Be Called New J. J. Abrams Movie

Despite speculation that it might be called Overnight or Monstrous, the closely guarded title of the upcoming new J. J. Abrams movie has been revealed to be New J. J. Abrams Movie.

"We felt it was the best choice from a marketing standpoint," said Abrams during the official announcement. "I'm a pretty big deal these days, what with Lost being so popular and stuff, so we all thought we should just name the movie after me."

Technically, the film isn't even a J. J. Abrams film--it was directed by Matt Reeves. Abrams is one of the film's producers. But he doesn't see this as a problem.

"Yeah, Matt actually directed it," said Abrams. "He did a great job with it. But what are we gonna do? Call it New Matt Reeves Movie? Give me a break. No one's gonna get whipped into a frenzy over a title like that. I'd rather just call it Cloverfield in that case."


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