Saturday, September 08, 2007

Employee Glad To Be Receptacle For Anger Of Hard Working Boss

In a world full of real heroes like policeman, firefighters, and soldiers, Betty Thomas knows her contributions won't change the world, but she knows she can make a difference in one life:

She can be a person her boss can chew out when he's mad.

"He just tries so hard, and this is the only chance he has to really let those feelings out," said Thomas. "I'm just really glad I can be there for him. Letting out a stream of expletives can be very therapeutic."

Although this aspect of the job was not originally explained to her, she's risen to the challenge and taken it on.

"I really respect him. I know he wouldn't be doing this to me if he had any other way of letting those feelings out. By bearing the brunt of his tirades, I'm sure that I'm freeing him up to go home and relax and get a fitful night's sleep, so he can come back tomorrow ready to lead us through another important day. By yelling."

When asked if she's ever doubted the importance of her function, Thomas laughs. "Oh, I'm sure what we do is very important. Otherwise, why would he get so worked up about it?"


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