Monday, October 08, 2007

Lifetime Blew It With America's Psychic Challenge

Okay, I can't really say I'm surprised (we 16th century prophets are never surprised), but I am disappointed.

Lifetime has decided to move some of its Golden Girls re-runs around to make room for a show called America's Psychic Challenge, and put 16 would-be soothsayers to the test.

And, much to the American Viewing Public's chagrin, not one of those seers is, well, me.

And that's a real shame. Because as regular readers of this site know, I have predicted everything from sports scores to book and TV finales to Britney Spears' shaved head with accuracy that makes Professionally Trained and Highly Qualified TV Weather Girls nearly burst their tube tops with jealousy.

As retribution for this oversight, I am forced to use my powers to foresee the ending of Lifetime's hit show, thus spoiling the need for anyone to actually watch it without me in it:

Dorothy marries Blanche's Uncle Lucas and moves to Hollingsworth Manor, leaving Sophia and the other girls alone.

Take that, Lifetime!



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