Thursday, October 04, 2007

Snickers Song Snafus Spoil Satisfaction

Americans all over America have been suffering from less enjoyment of their Snickers candy bars, due largely to an inability to remember the lyrics to the "Song of Satisfaction" featured in Snickers commercials.

"Chocolate rainbows fall over chocolate colored somethings . . ." sings Tom Wilson of Parkerville, OH, as he takes a bite. "No, that's not it either."

The catchy song, which first debuted during a Super Bowl spot, has fallen out of rotation on most stations lately, as Snickers has turned to it's new "Feast" ad campaigns, leaving munchers with considerably less enjoyment.

In a desperate effort to recreate the feelings aroused by the perfect combination of music and mouth feel, people have turned to a variety of methods. One vending machine in Peoria, IL hooked up a 15,000 watt electric guitar to accompany people who wanted to sing to each other while enjoying the snack treats. However, after a few feeble attempts to recreate the magic, the instrument has gone largely unused, except for, as one employee put it, "A guy on the fourth floor who knows the chords to a couple of Blink 182 songs."

In the meantime, Tom goes into his finale as he finishes the bar.

". . . prancing nougat and marshmallow brings a song of satisfaction to the wooooorld.

"Nope. Still nothing."


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