Saturday, November 17, 2007

An Explanation of the Writer's Strike

See, it works like this.

Some people are celebrities. Celebrities are beautiful people who the public inherently loves based solely on how they look.

However, these people have the brains of cheese whiz. They need someone else to figure out how to use their insane good looks to make any money. These people are called producers, and they have no soul.

In order to make the public keep liking the celebrities, the producers need to find likable things for the celebrities to say. Since the producers have no souls, they have no idea how to do this themselves. They pay people to come up with likable things for the celebrities to say.

These people are called writers.

Writers are able to come up with likable things to say, but, having souls, are not able to make money off of this any more than the attractive people are able to make money off their looks. They are sustained by the soulless producers.

What this strike is about is that it's gotten impossible to come up with things to say to make the current batch of celebrities seem likable.

The writers are holding out for a new batch.

Hope this helps.


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