Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Iowa, New Hampshire Residents Facing Abandonment Issues

"They were always there for me, you know? And now they're just . . . gone."

Missy Brendleson of Iowa remembers the last few weeks fondly. "There was always a politician around when you needed one. I had a couple of staffers doing laundry while a candidate cleaned my fireplace. He was a Republican, I think."

"I haven't had to carry my own groceries in for weeks," said Tricia Watkins of New Hampshire.

But all of that came to an abrupt end following the elections in the two states, when the candidates headed on for other pastures.

Tricia hasn't done her dishes since the campaign ended. "I thought Dennis Kucinich was going to do them."

Harold Wilkers is in the same situation. "Ron Paul and I were going to do the brakes on my car. A couple of his staffers washed it real good, but I still need my brakes done, you know?"



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